GAA Mens League

The league will consist of each team playing each other team twice totalling 6 games per club (3 home and 3 away).

3 games will be played by December.

3 games will be played  from mid January on.

Each match will last 60 minutes.

League to be finished by Saturday 7th April whereby the winning club will be named by the points they have accumulated in the league after all games have been played and the trophy presented at the season final blitz.

Win – 2 points

Draw – 1 point

Loss – 0 points

We have instigated this simple and straight forward format in order to allow for the new developing teams to form quickly with our support with a view to the future. The focus of the league to have a clear winner by the end of 6 club games over the season while also allowing for the two new developing clubs (Jerez and Shamrocks) to get game time.

The two developing clubs will be involved in the blitz, end of season tournament and friendlies have been scheduled at the league clubs to which both Jerez and Shamrocks will travel and be welcomed too for extend training sessions or friendly matches.

September Friendly Blitz Tournament to begin the season with ALL teams – Seville Eire Og and Shamrocks, Jerez, Gibraltar, Costa Del Sol, Malaga. Format to be established.

April Friendly Blitz Tournament to end the season with ALL teams – Seville Eire Og and Shamrocks, Jerez, Gibraltar, Costa Del Sol, Malaga. Format to be established. The winner will be be the proud holders of the Andalucian Champions Cup.

In the case of a DRAW

If any two teams were level on league points:

  • The team that won the head-to-head match was ranked first
  • If the club won one and lost the other meeting, score difference (total scored minus total conceded in all games) was used to rank the teams
  • If score difference was identical, total scored was used to rank the teams*
  • If still identical, a play-off will be required
  • If three or more teams are level on points, score difference was used to rank the teams.

*PROVISIONAL ADAPTATION – discussed wed 25th October 2017
CM will not be included in score difference calculations used to settle ties prior to January 1st.ç
Where it is deemed by all clubs that CM is in a position to compete fully and independantly after that point, all games that follow will be included in score difference calculations.

Any team that defaults on a set fixture will loose their points and full points will be awarded to the opposing team.

If any team borrows 2 or more players on a day to form a minimum team of 11 they will default and cannot be award points. So if a squad has 9 players for example, they will be considered a legitimate team and can win points, as normal.

Should any team have an unbeatable scoreline at half time, both captains may consult the ref and declare a walkover automatically awarding the winning time full points. For the remainder of the time teams can mix to play a more competitive and fun alternative. This will invalidate the score difference and this match in its entirety will not be included in any cumulative score or league tie breaker result.
*No one wants or needs to destroy another team via the scoreline. Thats just sad.


It has been agreed that the rolling subs are still a requirement in our league but the constant rolling on and off of players is proving to be difficult to manage for the referee and difficult for the players on the field to adapt to constantly (unrealistic). It is also an unfair advantage to teams with many subs as they can effectively replace their whole team two times over in a single game.

All Clubs have agreed that there will be a substitution window every ten minutes that the referee will indicate and all subs are to be made in one go at this window.

This a a VERY different approach to substitution and indeed may be totally unique to our league and it will affect the way the game is both played and managed but it contols the rolling subs and  allows it to be managed. The only other option is to remove the rolling substitution entirely and restrict subs to the same as the Official Guide Rules (not possible here).

The players on the line must be ready and prepared to roll in and out the substitutions within the one minute window when the referee indicates so awareness must be high! Miss the window and miss the substitution until the next window.

The only exception to this is that an injured player can be substituted but will leave the field and not be permitted to return to play for the duration of the match.

*Development League

There is a small exception in the games this year as Seville seek to support the development of teams locally and we have allowed for this for the greater good. They will be able to put players in the development teams on these conditions.

  1. Games in both divisions will be 9 or 11 a side. (we will push for 11 a side)
  2. Players must be registered to either A or B at the start of the season but not both.
  3. 5 players (3 if 9 a side) can be switched between teams but need to be named and confirmed with the Andalucian Officer and Referees Admin at the start of the season. These can be modified after the Xmas break.


There are three teams as it stands. We have set the dates for the ladies games on the calendar and have agreed that the ladies in other areas (eg – Marbella) who want to play can join teams on a given day. This has to be done on the fly (unfortunately) and in the most fair way possible to make things as equal and allow for  “good” football.

Allow Common Sense to prevail.

The Ladies Officer for Andalucia will be the main point of contact for this and other efforts to grow ladies football in Andalucia.

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